Black and White CCPLLC Cheyenne WY Pet Portrait of horse walking towards camera in snow, dark fur with white blaze
Cheyenne, WY Based Pet Portraits
While we primarily specialize in intimate portraiture; Come Closer Photography, LLC, our mission is also deeply rooted from a lifelong passion for animals and a profound appreciation for the bond they share with their human companions. Drawing from a diverse background that spans from ranch life to veterinary medicine as a former Certified Vet Tech, Cassidy brings a unique perspective to pet photography, recognizing pets not just as subjects, but as cherished family members with distinct personalities and stories.

With a compassionate approach and a comfort with any species, we strive to capture the authentic essence of each pet, celebrating their individuality and the special connection they share with their loved ones. From playful puppies to exotic companions, we meet pets on their terms, in environments where they feel most comfortable, allowing their true spirit to shine through in every image.

Our commitment extends beyond mere photographs; it's about preserving memories that last a lifetime. We understand the profound impact our pets have on our lives, serving as sources of joy, comfort, and unwavering companionship. Through our artistry, we aim to freeze those fleeting moments, creating tangible mementos that bring solace and warmth, even after they've crossed the rainbow bridge.

At Come Closer Photography, LLC, we believe in honoring every stage of a pet's life journey. That's why we offer end-of-life sessions as a heartfelt tribute, ensuring that each beloved companion is remembered with dignity and love. Because just as we would want to cherish their memory, we strive to provide pet parents with timeless treasures that capture the essence of their loyal friends.

Our purpose is simple yet profound: to celebrate the special souls that grace our lives for a short while, one frame at a time. Through empathy, artistry, and a deep reverence for the human-animal bond, we are dedicated to preserving the legacy of our furry and not-so-furry family members, ensuring that their spirits live on in our hearts and homes forever.
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- Pricing and Experience Options -
Pet Portraits Experience
To help you memorialize your pets we recommend a "Just The Basics Package" type of experience where you receive the following:

1.5 Hour Photoshoot In-Studio or On-Location
Locally Made Snacks
3 Month Subscription to BarkBox or KitNipBox etc.
10 Digital Images
Black and white CCPLLC Cheyenne WY Pet Portrait of tortishell calico cat outside on tractor tire near wood pile, stormy sky, high contrast
Color CCPLLC Cheyenne WY Pet Portrait of woman with her dog on a cliff over body of water, stormy sky, clouds, end of life session, rainbow prism effect
Their Legacy Experience
Saying goodbye is hard and the ease of remembering your beloved pet shouldn't be.

2 Hours Photoshoot In-Studio or On-Location
Locally Made Snacks
Full Digital Gallery in both Color and B&W
CCPLLC Cheyenne WY Pet Portrait FAQ's
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