CCPLLC Cheyenne WY Intimate Portrait Selfie In Black bodysuit and grey wings, dramatic looking into distance, warrior
Hey lovely souls! 
My name is Cassidy Clendenning, the owner and photographer here at CCP.

I am a Colorado born almost nomad from childhood as I have lived in the Midwest, Alaska and even Florida! 
I am a dog mom to two beautiful mutts that I have adopted over the years and adore completely: Jazzabelle the husky mix and Mochi the cattle dog! Though only Mochi is willing to be my muse for trying new techniques!
I started in veterinary medicine after college and worked in the field for almost 4 years before finally transitioning to photography full time in fall of 2021 after COVID. Though my mother and father would tell you I always had a camera, it was particularly in middle school and beyond that I tinkered with photography as a hobby (though landscapes and nature were and still are the biggest). 

I am an alternative woman on the outside who swears like crazy, is highly sensitive to those around me and has a heart/soul belongs to worlds beyond our own. 
I love fantasy. 
I can literally spend an entire day dissociating in the world of a good book, watching Lord of the Rings or binge-watching anime. I DREAM of magic, dragons, fae, adventure and all the alike. 
Most of my personal projects also tend to lean heavily into these themes even as intimate portraits, one of my favorites being a goddess/oracle boudoir selfie set I tried! 
The idea of recreating spicy book scenes for adventurous couples who also yearn to be in a different world, bringing a client's favorite characters to life through them or helping others realize themselves as the magical beings they are brings me immense joy! 

One of the biggest values I hold dear with my human portraits is being authentic to yourself; expressing yourself freely and without judgement however sings to your soul or represents you completely. Therefore, no request from a client will be met with judgement and when I take on a client's fantastical idea, I do EVERYTHING I can to make that reality for them. Even if the request doesn't root elsewhere in a world of magic or written words, I approach all clients with the same passion and values. Providing a safe, judgement-free, supportive and private place to explore the deep recesses of your being is my ultimate goal. With that I also do not believe that boudoir/intimate portraits are for any one person regardless of gender, ethnicity, orientation or size! I won't bore you with my own body insecurity journey that spanned over a decade; as I am sure you have heard it a million times. Just know I have been there too. Through lots of shadow work, boudoir selfies for content during slow times and more, I can confidently say that there is no better time to celebrate yourself or your partner than the now! Because of this I am a FIRM believer that if I ask my clients to do anything, then I have better tried it or be willing to experience some aspect of it for myself to better empathize with their experience. Now to hell with needing to lose weight or not feeling like you are worthy, you are perfectly imperfect and that is what makes you; you. Just do it, take the time to celebrate what makes you magical and just be authentically you. 

Now even though I transitioned to specializing in Boudoir/Intimate portraits in 2021 and left vet med, I still hold deep love for our furry and non-furry friends. So, I decided to offer pets and equine portraits as well! No animal is exempt from your typical dogs and cats to your exotic reptiles and birds, I love to photograph them all and hear their stories! 

I am incredibly grateful to meet all the amazing people and animals that this career introduces me to. It's been so rewarding offering 2 different genres spanning from the cute/cuddly of our beloved pet(s) and the often literally stripped down/emotional human experience of intimate portraiture!

I thank the universe for those clients who have come/gone and for those clients who are yet to come or return and I cannot wait to see what magic we all create together!
Color CCPLLC Cheyenne WY Pet Portrait of black and white dog with head through red wreath and prism effect


Color CCPLLC Cheyenne WY Pet Portrait of tan cattle dog with head through red wreath and prism effect


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