Color CCPLLC Cheyenne WY Intimate Portrait of an engaged couple holding hands outside in the snow wearing long sleeves
Cheyenne, WY Based Boudoir, Branding, Glamor/Beauty and Fantasy Portraits
"You are not perfect, but you are perfectly you." 
-Denise Birdsong
At Come Closer Photography, LLC, our purpose is to empower individuals to embrace their authentic selves, break free from societal constraints, and celebrate the beauty of the human experience through intimate photography. Our founder's personal journey of self-discovery and empowerment drives our commitment to creating a safe, judgment-free space for clients to express themselves with creativity, sensuality, and confidence.
We understand the struggles of suffocated self-expression and the weight of external ideals. Our mission is to dissolve those barriers by capturing the raw and intimate essence of each individual. Through our artistic lens, we illuminate the imperfections and vulnerabilities that make us human, while also highlighting the unique energy and magic that define who we are deep down. Our photography sessions provide a transformative experience, allowing clients to explore their desires, fantasies, and true selves, all while building confidence as we move along our sliding scale of spice to their comfort level.
Our focus is on the emotional and energetic connection within each image, revealing the inner beauty that often remains hidden below the surface thanks to the Stripped Down methodology. We guide clients on a journey from self-doubt to self-assurance, from shyness to sultriness. Our versatile approach caters to a spectrum of preferences, ranging from the sensual to the daring, always respecting personal boundaries and desires. Our aesthetic, inspired by rich and moody tones in combination with our use of the various senses during the session, grounds us in the natural world white reconnecting us with our bodies and hearts.
We take pride in witnessing our clients evolve into empowered versions of themselves as we facilitate a shift towards self-kindness, gratitude, and self-acceptance.. The joy we feel when witnessing someone shed self-imposed limitations and embrace their body, mind, and spirit is immeasurable. We celebrate clients who boldly challenge societal norms, find solace amidst pain, and reclaim their sexuality from societal stigmas. Their stories inspire us and fuel our dedication to guiding others on a similar path of self-discovery.
Our commitment is unwavering. We stand beside our clients as they navigate their journey of self-discovery, providing unwavering support, love, and a space to be unapologetically themselves. Our goal is to empower individuals to step out of the shadows and radiate as the vibrant souls they were always meant to be.
Come Closer Photography, LLC exists to capture the essence of the human spirit, to inspire courage in those who dare to embrace their authenticity, and to reflect the beauty that emerges when one embraces their own unique journey.

You may notice we do not include our erotica portfolio, please note that due to the explicit nature of these images we do not leave them for public display. So please ask to see.
- Pricing and Experience Options -
The "Year In Review" Experience
Year In Review sessions are our biggest and baddest offering.

You receive 12 (TWELVE) 2 hour documentary style sessions that can be done over the course of 1 whole year. A full digital gallery from each session is provided as well.
Reach out for details!
Color CCPLLC Cheyenne WY Intimate Portrait of an engaged couple holding hands and looking lovingly at each other with smiles, golden sparkles and blue tones
Color CCPLLC Cheyenne WY Intimate Portrait of model Aiden Adore wearing pink dress and grey sweater scarf in the snow smiling, Cheyenne Botanic Gardens
The "Spoil Me Rotten" Experience
~ Pre-Shoot Consultation
~ Locally Made Charcuterie Board
~ Up to 5 hours of photoshoot time In-Studio and/or On-Location
~ Client Closet/Wardrobe Guidance
~ Professional Hair & Makeup
~ 1 Hour Massage & Facial
~ Professional Editing
~ Full Digital Gallery
The "Just The Basics" Experience
~ Pre-Shoot Consultation
~ Locally Made Charcuterie Board
~ Up to 2 hours of photoshoot time In-Studio or On-Location
~ Access to and use of Client Closet
~ 45 Minute Facial
~ Professional Editing
~ 10 Digital Images
Color CCPLLC Cheyenne WY Intimate Portrait of woman in the snow wearing dramatic blue dress and red parka smiling, wind blown, older woman
Color CCPLLC Cheyenne WY display of physical products, wall art, albums and desktop art on a cream fuzzy rug with green vine
Product Collections
There are 3 delicious Collections to choose from (to purchase separate from the experience) for your beautiful post session displays etc.
CCPLLC Cheyenne WY FAQ for Intimate Portraits
CCPLLC Cheyenne WY FAQ for Intimate Portraits
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